Customer Satisfaction Tracking

After the customer has had an interaction with your business, normally a purchase, you need to measure whether it satisfied customers’ expectations

Customers have subjective perceptions of what they expected and then they compare those expectations against the service received. This is called tracking customer satisfaction.

There are several factors that can influence that satisfaction. Some are hygiene factors that must be present, otherwise the lack of them may cause dissatisfaction. Other factors are clearly enhancers, such as, for example, if they feel the serviceperson has gone the extra mile to support him/her.

There are dual factors that need a minimum threshold for avoiding customer dissatisfaction, but that above a certain level they may cause satisfaction. What are those factors? In some cases, these are known by the client. In many other cases, marketing research is necessary (and we can provide the tools as well).

One of the approaches that we recommend relates to your service. This is linked to your Word of Mouth strategy (one of the consultancy services in which we have developed expertise through research and practice).