Digital Marketing Strategy

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Lots of companies struggle with their digital marketing.

They don’t know how to find or attract the right customers, and they don’t have the resources to create a cohesive strategy for all of their channels.

Longart Consulting is here to help you solve these problems. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that will grow your business using our expertise in SEO, social media, content creation, and more.

Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the critical ingredient in your digital marketing. We can handle all of your content after consulting with you. Of course, your contribution can also make a difference. There are different formats and styles. Powerful content can bring potential customers to your business.

Social Media Marketing

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With social media you have the advantage of interacting with your audience and at the same time you can advertise your products and services. The great advantage is that unlike off-line advertising you can choose who will see your ads (your target market). That makes you focused and makes your advertising expenditure much more efficient.

Depending on what your business is, and your target market, we can recommend to you the social media platforms to use, how much to spend and the return on your marketing expenditures.


SEO refers to organic searches. That means someone is looking for a vegan café in an area and types some keywords to guide the search.

Depending on the quality of the content on your page, and many other factors, you will either appear as one of the first sites for that searcher or you may be last in the ranking and then almost invisible. SEO is in reality an art!

A difficult art to master and if you want to work with professionals in SEO, you have come to the right place. There are many things that need to be done to improve ranking and we will guide you through that process.

Website Development And Optimization

If you do not have a website, we can help you to develop one. If you have a website, but it is not working as you thought it should then you need to optimize that page. Your website may also affect your SEO, but let’s pretend the searcher found you or that the SEO is great, but the searcher’s experience with the page falls short of their expectations. What would happen?

Firstly, the searcher may not spend long looking at your website and go somewhere else! Or more heart-breakingly, they will abandon the cart half-way. If it is about attracting leads, and the searcher does not find the information he/she was looking for, they are unlikely to return.

A great website enhances your reputation; if your website looks cheap, then the searcher will make a judgement based on the appearance of your site. In many cases, this can be the starting point, but this is also connected to many other areas of your digital marketing strategy, i.e. email marketing, social media, SEO, etc.

Email Marketing

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Is email marketing alive? Well, statistics say that it is not alive, but it is a very efficient method to drive leads, something crucial in B2B but that also works well in B2C. Hubspot reported that it can generate up to 38 times the investment.

It is important to remember that email marketing must be associated with mobile marketing as many people open their emails from their mobile phones. The great advantage of email marketing is its versatility and the possibility of integrating it with other channels.

That is what is called cross-channel integration. For example, your social media can encourage people to subscribe to your email list, and likewise your email marketing can guide your audience to your social media platforms. This is only an example of many other things you can achieve with email marketing. Interested? You should be because it can turn your company around!

Paid Search

You may have heard of Google Ads. Someone is looking for a product and they put that product into a Search Engine (Google, Bing). It is like SEO, but with a fundamental difference: you are paying for it! For that reason, these ads will normally be above the websites that have not paid for an ad. Paid search works but there is an art in making it work. Would we advise you to go for paid search?

The answer is: we can try first your SEO, but paid search definitely gives quicker results. The truth is you need to put them to work in tandem. We can help you set your paid search strategy in a very cost-effective fashion. You don’t need to worry about issues like keywords, headlines, etc. You focus on your operation and we handle your paid search, saving you time and ultimately, money.

Display And Video Advertising

Some businesses need more than paid search or other tools in the digital marketing repertoire of ways to engage customers. It is about scaling up your advertising efforts, creating engaging audio/visual content.

The point is that unlike traditional advertising in TV channels, display and video advertising possess precision. This means that only your intended audience will see your ad, reducing waste. This advertising strategy is normally aimed at increasing awareness, but it can also help you increase purchase intent. You can decide to go for display advertising or video advertising, or even both.

Display advertising can put your ad in thousands of websites or mobile apps. This can be really important when a customer is considering which product to purchase. You can decide to go for creating engaging videos on sites like YouTube. In both cases we save you time and hassle and prepare cost effective ads for you.

Monitoring Customer Reviews

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For many businesses, particularly restaurants and hotels, customer reviews can make or break a business. There is so much information that consumers tend to use information intermediaries like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google reviews to find out information from consumers. Some of this information from disgruntled or happy customers must be acted upon almost immediately in many cases.

In today’s world, consumers find social value in participating in these user-generated websites. Websites like Yelp are trustworthy because they can filter phony reviews. We have the tools to help you act and either we can act on your behalf, if you are too busy, or inform you with alert messages about reviews that must be acted upon.

At an implied level of standard; by increasing restaurant review information, consumers are able to depend less on current rules of thumb to assess restaurant quality.