It includes all or some of the following:

• Web-site development

• Application development

• Web applications

• Social Media Marketing strategy

• Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

• Full general business consultancy (Strategy, Finance, Operations)

We can advise what is right for you. Let’s imagine you want to run an ecommerce site, we discuss the needs with you and provide you with a customised solution. If you are using an existing application, we can optimise it and develop something entirely new at a lower cost.

What are the advantages of going for the service package?

• You do not need to look for different providers for different services.

• We integrate technical expertise of software development with sound overall business consultancy.

• You save on staff to look at social media strategy, finance advisors and so forth.

• You can concentrate on your operation, the product and service to delight your customers. What we do is to a. reach that customer b. advise on whether how to improve your profitability by increasing conversions and keeping overhead costs at a minimum.

How much will this cost you?

Well, it all depends on your needs. We can show basic consultancy packages that are subscription based (per month). Other costs can be per project, i.e., website development. If you need web optimization, this means updating your website, enhancing the user experience, there are subscription packages that cover that.