Website development

We develop your website fully, with a main advantage, there is no lock-in. This is how it works:

1. We discuss the specifications with you and develop a website tailored to your needs (the back-end). Depending on your needs, we can offer different options, some more sophisticated than others.

2. We can offer you the service of optimising the user experience and improving the user interface (the front-end).

3. As a matter of fact we can offer both services (the full stack). However, once you have paid for the initial website, you have full control if you want to make changes of your own with your team. This is a massive advantage and shows that we want to be transparent from day 1. You will only pay for what you need and if you are fully satisfied.

Web applications

Depending on your needs, you may want to develop a web application. For the customer, it may look similar (front-end). But there is a massive advantage, with web applications, they are far more responsive, and you can many functionalities that are not possible with just a website. A website is just static, contains information, and you can get your potential customer, to give you his/her details via a landing page. There is more interaction, and the user can manipulate data, meaning that they can engage much more with it. There are many other differences and advantages, but we won’t bore you with all of this now. We are happy to make it simple, just call us for a free consultation.

Mobile apps

If you are in a stage of growth and you have the budget for this, we can help you develop great mobile applications. There are several advantages to consider with mobile apps. First, they are much faster than web apps and this can make a significant difference between a conversion and a person not engaging with your organization. Second, these apps have access to system resources, such as the camera or GPS. Nonetheless, we will guide you on whether this is the right solution for you. Remember, our job is to help you make money, not to spend money needlessly. Honesty first!